"Les Biches" : A womans Story

In February 1980, my parents, Micheline and Pierre CRETIN, acquired this old abandoned farmhouse and after several months of work gave birth to “L’Auberge des Bichonnières” on 7 September 1982.

This haven of peace and warmth had 13 rooms and allowed both hotel guests and outside guests to come and eat in the dining room or enjoy the very intimate inner courtyard.

Micheline offered traditional and local cuisine, the famous frogs, carp and brocheton, chicken in cream sauce and to accompany the famous Bichonnières-style potato gratin, followed by a platter of local cheeses and, for dessert, “mamie Collonges'” (my paternal grandmother, who was very present with us) Bresse tart and tarte tatin… my speciality!

"Les Bichonnières" from the beginning to present day

Ten years go by …. Things happen and the couple split up and the establishment “les Bichonnières” was taken over by Mireille and Marc Sauvage.

At the end of 2018, my mother informs me that the inn is for sale due to retirement.

By mutual agreement, and thanks to Grandma Marcelle (my maternal grandmother), Mom and I bought “Les Biches” on May 2, 2019.

Micheline and his famous "poulet à la crème"

It is now with as much pleasure as ever that “Les Biches”, this beautiful story of women, who have known how to cross several generations, are happy to welcome you in this haven of peace.

Come and see me for breakfast one morning, and I will tell you all the stories that make this place an exceptional establishment in the Dombes.


Four months of intensive work to restore the establishment to my taste and especially in the spirit and respect of the soul of my parents. It is with the work and support of local craftsmen that “Hostellerie des Bichonnières & spa” opens its doors on September 3rd 2019.

The establishment is gaining momentum thanks to the golf courses, the bird park, the small meetings in a private area for the event, the commercials and a foreign clientele (Swiss, Belgians, Dutch…) in love with the region.

Carole and the "Tarte Tatin"